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"This page is dedicated to 1st Battalion 33rd Armor"
Gelnhausen Germany Coleman Kaserne
and all era's

About the Elvis Song "Frankfurt Special" Frankfurt was Division Headquarters for the 3rd AD*

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Photo courtesy Wolfgang Scherp 3AD 1956 - 1960

Photo courtesy Jack Grant


Sergeant Major of the Army Kenneth O. Preston was sworn in as the
13th Sergeant Major of the Army on January 15, 2004.
Sergeant Major  Preston was a Tank Commander in Co B 1st 33rd Armor in late 70's early 80's.


2016 Reunion Information

2/5 th scale Tank. M60 field trials

I want one !!!!!!

Link to a great GEO Map From Jim Chorazy

Link to some old cool items

Car in Pond

1- 33rd Armor in German

1-33rd Armor in French

Gelnhausen Bundeswehr Reservists Comradeship Organization

This is a link to an inactive site on the 33rd Armored Regiment

Postcard from Gelnhausen to Sailor on the Graf Spree 1939

Gelnhausen Kaserne 1936-1945

Second WWII Post Card




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War Memorial    

News Article about B Troop 1-33rd Cavalry

News Article about A Troop 1-33rd Cavalry




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1st Bn 33rd Armor

3ad.patches.jpg (7420 bytes) Links 1-33ar.gif (16616 bytes) Units  Gelnhausen 1963
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Gelnhausen &
Coleman Kaserne

3ad.patches.jpg (7420 bytes) Photos 1-33ar.gif (16616 bytes) City of Gelnhausen
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Add your name to
the unit roster

3ad.patches.jpg (7420 bytes) MG General
Paul Funk
1-33ar.gif (16616 bytes) Fulda Gap South Slice
gudie.jpg (7420 bytes) Roster 3ad.patches.jpg (7420 bytes) 1st 33rd Armor
Yahoo Group
1-33ar.gif (16616 bytes) Gen Colin Powell
gudie.jpg (7420 bytes) Gelnhausen Kaserne


3ad.patches.jpg (7420 bytes) M60 A1
Tank Ride
1-33ar.gif (16616 bytes) Training Areas
gudie.jpg (7420 bytes) Battalion TO&E 3ad.patches.jpg (7420 bytes) Vehicles 1-33ar.gif (16616 bytes) Gelnhausen
gudie.jpg (7420 bytes) History 3AD &
1st 33rd AR
3ad.patches.jpg (7420 bytes) Central Front 1-33ar.gif (16616 bytes) Gelnhausen ES Farewell Picture (1952-2006)
gudie.jpg (7420 bytes) Post Cards from Gelnhausen 3ad.patches.jpg (7420 bytes) Tanker Fire Commands 1-33ar.gif (16616 bytes) Lineage & Honors
gudie.jpg (7420 bytes) Reunions 3ad.patches.jpg (7420 bytes) Jack Grant Page 1-33ar.gif (16616 bytes) Former 1-33rd Members lost in killed in Viet Nam
gudie.jpg (7420 bytes)   3ad.patches.jpg (7420 bytes) Soviet Intel 1-33ar.gif (16616 bytes) Old 33rd Armored
gudie.jpg (7420 bytes) Alert Siren  3ad.patches.jpg (7420 bytes) 33rd Ar Coins 1-33ar.gif (16616 bytes) December 2006 trip to Gelnhausen Germany
gudie.jpg (7420 bytes) Divisions which 1-33rd where under 3ad.patches.jpg (7420 bytes) Miscellaneous Maps 1-33ar.gif (16616 bytes) Panzer Song
gudie.jpg (7420 bytes) German Songs 3ad.patches.jpg (7420 bytes) Frederick Barbarossa at Gelnhausen 1-33ar.gif (16616 bytes) Fulda Gap Big Picture
gudie.jpg (7420 bytes) Second WWII  Post Card 3ad.patches.jpg (7420 bytes)   1-33ar.gif (16616 bytes)  
gudie.jpg (7420 bytes) PS Preventive Maintenance 3ad.patches.jpg (7420 bytes) Coleman Village 2011 1-33ar.gif (16616 bytes) WWII Postcard




1-33rd Cavalry 

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